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Publication Date
Event Location
John X 7 Feb 1874 Hampsthwaite KPS HA
William X 24 Jul 1878 High Harrogate KPS HH
John X 25 Jan 1879 Marton KPS HA
W H Mrs X 14 Sep 1881 Harrogate B HH
A Mr X 26 Jul 1882 St Helena, I of W D HH
William Nathaniel X 11 Oct 1882 Carlton House, Nun Monkton D HH
Mary X 25 Jul 1883 Ghent D HH
Henry 25 Jul 1883 Harrogate See Mary HH
G H Mr X 21 Feb 1885 High View, Harrogate AD HA
John X 30 Jan 1886 London M HA
Mary (1) X 22 May 1886 Mount Street, Harrogate D HA
Robert Irish 22 May 1886 Mount Street, Harrogate See Mary (1) HA
Annie Elizabeth X 2 Oct 1886 Ripley D HA
Henry 2 Oct 1886 Ripley See Annie E HA