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Ackrill's Annual  -  1934


The Year in Pictures



Alphabetical list of pictures from the annual produced by R Ackrill Ltd, the publishers of the weekly newspaper The Harrogate Advertiser. Articles and advertisements will be made available at a later date.

Photocopies of the relevant page(s) can be obtained here.

Note : The majority of people listed are from Harrogate unless otherwise shown.



 Richard Annakin - To mark the Jubilee, the Town Council met in the Royal Royal Hall - Conferring of the Freedom of the town.

Mr R Annakin - Jubilee of the Incorporation of Harrogate at The Royal Hall

Col R B Armistead - Unopposed Harrogate nominee for the County Council

Dorothy Armitage - Wedding   

Mr & Mrs J Armon - Golden wedding

Ellen Atkinson - Wedding

Cyril Bateman Atkinson - Wedding

Mr Rino Bacuzzi London - Wedding

Miss Doris Bailey - Wedding

Mr & Mrs A W Bain - Diamond Wedding on May 21st. Mrs Bain died 8th October aged 80

Mrs A W Bain Obituary

Mr W H Baker - Wedding

Robert Baker - Obituary

Sydney Barber - Obituary

Mr A Belton - Wedding

Basil Bilton - Wedding

Douglas Blair - Obituary

Mr J Bland - Wedding

Reginald H Blaydes - Wedding

Mr & Mrs William Booth - Golden wedding

Mr S Bradley - Wedding

Mr E Brecknell - Timperley, Cheshire - Wedding

Mr W H Brocklehurst - Unopposed Harrogate nominee for the County Council

Mr H L Brook - Taken at Sherburn-in-Elmet prior to a long-distance flight to Australia

Mr T S Bullimore - Wedding

Mona Bullus Bradford - Wedding

Dr E A Burroughs - Obituary

Mr J J Busson - Pannal Open Golf Meeting

James Butler - Obituary

Avis Butterfield Knaresborough - Wedding

Wynefred Evelyn Caddy Scarborough - Wedding

Miss M Carter - Wedding

Miss M Childe - Wedding

Mr F R Chippindale - Wedding

Miss D M Coates - Wedding

Mary Louise Cordon - Wedding

Mr Hal Corpse - Wedding

Mr W B Cowling - Wedding

Emma Crawford - Wedding  

Jack Crossley Halifax - Wedding

Mr J H Crowther - Obituary

Mr F R Daniel - Wedding

Florence Darley - Wedding

Mr H F Dawson - Wedding 

Mr R M Dawson Hampsthwaite - Wedding

Canon S T Dawson - Obituary

Mr R C Dent - Wedding

Dolly Dienst - Wedding

Charles William Dinsdale - Obituary

Dr W N Douglas Wedding

Miss Douty - Harrogate Golf Club Open Meeting

Ex-Police Constable Drewery - Obituary

Margaret De Paiva Eddison - Wedding

Mr W H Edmunds - Angmersing, Sussex - Wedding

Alice Edmundson - Wedding

Rowland Charles Ellis - Wedding

Ex-Police Constable Elsom - Obituary

Frederick A Fawcett Wedding

Rev A C Fletcher - Wedding

Netta Fortune - Wedding

Mr & Mrs C Foster - Diamond wedding

Gertrude Freer Tadcaster - Wedding

Miss Gibson - Harrogate Golf Club Open Meeting

Edna May Glasby - Wedding

George Gledhill - Obituary

Thomas Goonan - Bedlington, Northumberland - Wedding

George Gresham - Wedding

Miss G E Hall - Corbridge, Northumberland - Wedding

Mr & Mrs R C Hamilton - Mayor and Mayoress of Harrogate

Mr & Mrs F W Hardy - Golden wedding

Mr S Hearfield - Wedding

Miss P M Herbert London - Wedding

Stanley Hill Leeds - Wedding

Marjorie Hill - Wedding

Mr & Mrs H F Hinchliffe - Golden wedding

Miss Hirst - Harrogate Golf Club Open Meeting

Harold S Hitchen - Wedding

Peter Kenneth Holford - Nazeing, Essex - Wedding

Miss T Horsfield - Wedding

Robert L Houseman - Wedding

Kenneth Howden - Wedding

Kenneth John Hudson - Wedding

Mr & Mrs J W Hudson

Clodagh Hullah Starbeck - Wedding

Mr A C Hunter - Wedding

Miss L M Hurst Liverpool - Wedding

William Jackson - Wedding

Mr A E Jackson Hull - Wedding

Rev Idwal Jenkins - Wedding

Mr W Jenkinson Crimple - Wedding

Mr L L Johnson Liverpool - Wedding

Mr F J Jones - Wedding

William Joy - Wedding

Ernest O Kidson - Obituary

Olive D Kirby Boroughbridge - Wedding

Mr R Kirkbright - Wedding

Rev P F D De Labilliers - Vicar of Christ Church, Harrogate, who has been appointed to Succeed Dr Lucius F M Smith as Suffragen Bishop of Knaresborough.

Dorothy Anne Law Redcar - Wedding

Emily Lawn- President of Women's branch of Ripon Division Labour Party.

Mary Doreen Layfield - Wedding

Muriel Temple Lazenby - Wedding

Miss E Lee - Wedding

Violet Ellen Lee - Wedding

Mr E J Leefe Malton - Wedding

Mr C Leng - Newly elected Councillor

Mr & Mrs G B Lomas-Walker - Silver wedding

Freda Lonsborough Brearton - Wedding

Mr F Lumb - Wedding

Canon G C L Lunt Portsea - Bishop-designate of Ripon, in succession to the late Dr Burroughs.

Mr J A MacConnal - Wedding

Miss E M Maker - Wedding

Miss M M Manks - Wedding

Rev & Mrs F B Manners - The Crescent, Ripon - Golden wedding

Mr V Martland - Wedding

Gladys Massey - Wedding

Nellie Maston - Wedding

F Mary May Knaresborough - Wedding

Etta Irene McLean - Wedding

Lily Metcalfe - Thornaby-on-Tees - Wedding

Mr R A Moncur - Newbiggin, Northumberland - Wedding

Leslie Moxon Otley - Wedding

Mr G A Mumford - Knaresborough - Wedding

Miss C V Murray - Wedding

Mr J E Myers - Newly elected Councillor

Christine Ellen (Bunty) Myers - Wedding

Norah Nelson - Wedding

Timothy Newby - Wedding

Mr & Mrs J H Newsome - Ex-Mayor and Ex-Mayoress of Harrogate

Mr J H Newsome - Newly elected Councillor

Mr N P Nixon - Pannal Open Golf Meeting

William R Norman - Obituary

James O'Connor - Wedding

John L I Palmer - Wedding

Mr H W Parker - Wedding

Mr G H Parkin - Obituary

Miss M G Peck Hampsthwaite - Wedding

Herbert Peel - West End, Summerbridge - Wedding

Barbara Petty - Wedding

Mr & Mrs Frank Petty - Silver wedding

Captain J W Phillips - Wedding

Miss E Plaxton Knaresborough - Wedding

Alfred Preston - Obituary

Robert Preston - Obituary

Herbert Raworth - Obituary

Mr W F W Rhodes - Newly elected Councillor

Mrs Rhodes - 13th annual golf meeting at Oakdale Golf Club

Mr F W Rhodes - Pannal Open Golf Meeting

Mr W R B Richardson - Wedding

Miss V E Robertson - Wedding

Mr & Mrs F Robinson - Golden wedding

Mr & Mrs T Robinson - Golden wedding

Mr J Robinson Halifax - 13th annual golf meeting at Oakdale Golf Club

Richard Robinson - Obituary

Mr R A Ronchetti - Wedding

Cyril W Russell - Ben Rhydding - Wedding

Mrs Sawyer - 13th annual golf meeting at Oakdale Golf Club

Mr E Schofield - Newly elected Councillor

Miss E L Seaton - Obituary

Leslie Senior - Wedding

George S Seymour - Wedding

Mr J W Seymour - Wedding

Joseph Shepherd - Obituary

Edward Sherwood - Wedding

Evelyn Sherwood - Wedding

Mr C Simpson - Newly elected Councillor

Miss C M Simpson - Wedding

Miss W M Simpson - Wedding

Harry Simpson - Obituary

Elsa Sinclair - Wedding

Doris Smith - Wedding

May Smith - Wedding

Reginald Smith Skipton - Wedding

Janet Smith - Wedding

May Smith - Wedding

Mr E D Smith - Wedding

Mr F J Smith - Chatham, Kent - Wedding

Mr A C Smith - Wedding

Miss W M (Capt) Smith - Wedding

Rev R H Soar - Bromley Green, Kent - Wedding

Miss N Stephenson - Wedding

William Worley Stott - To mark the Jubilee, the Town Council met in the Royal Hall on April 9th, and added to the illustrious Roll of Freeman.

Mr W W Stott - Jubilee of the Incorporation of Harrogate at the Royal Hall - Conferring of the Freedom of the town.

Miss F D Stott - Wedding

Elspeth Mary Swan Sunderland - Wedding

Stephen M Swan - Sunderland

Mr J S Symington - Obituary

Miss M E Tennant Starbeck - Wedding

Agnes Annie Tetley Leeds - Wedding

Mr & Mrs J F Tetley - Leeds

Miss N E Thistlethwaite - Kirkgate, Ripon - Wedding

Fred Swale Thomas - Wedding

Albert Thompson - Obituary

Frederick George Thompson - Obituary

Miss Pollie Thompson - Obituary

Mr J C Topham - Newly elected Councillor

Mr W Tremelling Blackpool - Harrogate Golf Club open meeting

Joseph Turner Taylor - To mark the Jubilee, the Town Council met in the Royal Hall on April 9th, and added to the illustrious Roll of Freeman.

Mr J Turner Taylor - Jubilee of the Incorporation of Harrogate at the Royal Hall - Conferring of the Freedom of the town.

Mr H J Tyacke Bake - Newly elected Councillor

Tom Henry Varley - Obituary

Edith Waddington - Wedding

Miss M E Ward - Wedding

Miss K M Watson - Wedding

Cyril Watson - Wedding

Miss E Watts-Bent Leeds - Wedding

Caroline Webster - Wedding

Herbert Webster - Obituary

Mr R C White - Wedding

Ralph W Whitehead - Wedding

Mary Whitley - Wedding

Ena Whittall - Wedding

Peter D Whittall - Wedding

Dorothy Whitteron Sedburgh - Wedding

Pauline Margaret Clegg Wilks - Wedding

Mrs C Wood Knaresborough - Wedding

Alfred Tim Wood - Obituary

Miss D Wormald - Harrogate Golf Club Open Meeting

Mr F Worsdale - Taken at Sherburn-in-Elmet prior to a long-distance flight to Australia

Blanche Wrather - Wedding

Edith Wrather - Wedding

Mr J W Wright - Newly elected Councillor

Miss L Wright - Wedding

Mr & Mrs T Wright - Golden wedding

Mr G T Yeadon Rawdon - Wedding

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