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Ackrill's Annual  -  1937


The Year in Pictures



Alphabetical list of pictures from the annual produced by R Ackrill Ltd, the publishers of the weekly newspaper The Harrogate Advertiser. Articles and advertisements will be made available at a later date.

Photocopies of the relevant page(s) can be obtained here.

Note : The majority of people listed are from Harrogate unless otherwise shown.



 RMr R Appleton  -  Wedding

Joseph William Aspin  -  Wedding

Miss E M Asquith  -  Wedding

Miss L Atkinson  -  Wedding

Ida Bailey  -  Wedding

Mr A W Bain  -  Obituary

Frank Roland Baldwin  -  Wedding

Miss J C Bambury  -  Wedding

Gladys Barf  -  Wedding

Miss D Barnett  -  Pannal  -  Wedding

Me F E Barnwell  -  Wedding

Mr S Barratt  -  Wedding

Mr G Bateson  -  Wetherby  -  Wedding

Hilda C Bell  -  Wedding

Miss O Bell  -  Oatlands  -  Wedding

Miss M E Bellhouse  -  Wedding

Miss S Bensley  -  Wedding

Mr D Benson  -  Scoutmaster

Percy Douglas Bilton  -  Wedding

Pilot Offr R D Blair  -  Obituary

Mrs W Blamey  -  Obituary

Alderman & Mrs H Bolland  -  Ex Mayor & Mayoress of Harrogate

Sir Dhunjibhoy Bomanji  -  Bombay  -  Obituary

Mr N Bonser  -  Wedding

Edward Ackroyd Bower  -  Wedding

Mr W Bowers  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Sir A B Boyd-Carpenter  -  Obituary

Beatrice Bradley  -  Scriven, Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Mr J Bradley  -  New Park  -  Wedding

Mr L H Bradley  -  Hull  -  Wedding

A Braithwaite  -  Scout representative at Coronation

Mr E Brotherton-Radcliffe  -  Wedding

Miss W A Brown  -  Wedding

Thompson Buckle  -  Obituary

Mr R Bullock  -  Redcar  -  Wedding

Mr H S Burrows  -  Runner-up of Men's Tennis Singles

Miss D Burton  -  Kirkby Overblow  -  Wedding

Mr A Bussey  -  Wedding

Mr R D Calvert  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Miss G Carne  -  Wedding

George R Carr  -  Wedding

Ronald William Carr  -  Wedding

Miss F A Carrick  -  Wedding

Mr S Cartwright  -  Presenting tennis trophy

Muriel Cartwright  -  Wedding

Dr Falkland L Cary  -  Hon Sec of the Harrogate Drama Festival

Eleanor Alice May Chapman  -  Wedding

Mr & Mrs Albert John Chard  -  Golden Wedding

Alderman & Mrs J Boehrer Charles  -  Mayor & Mayoress of Harrogate

Rev G C Clare  -  Roundhay, Leeds  -  New Vicar of St Peter's

Mr L H Clarke  -  Borough Engineer

Joyce Collinge  -  London  -  Wedding

Dorothy C Cooper  -  Wedding

Mr T Cornall  -  Obituary

Mr W Crawford  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Mr B Crosby  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Margot Crosthwaite  -  Wedding

Florence Cundall  -  Wedding

Edith Curtis  -  Wedding

Eleanor Curtis  -  Wedding

Marguerite Curtis  -  Wedding

Miss C Davies  -  Cold Harbour  -  Wedding

Robert Charles Daws  -  Starbeck  -  Obituary

Betty Ellwood Day  -  Wedding

Miss E Daynes  -  Wedding

Dorothy Dent  -  Being crowned Queen at Starbeck

Mr R H Dent  -  Obituary

Mr G R Dobson  -  Wedding

Richard Dodsworth  -  Obituary

Miss K Drake  -  Farnley  -  Wedding

Miss L Drury  -  Killinghall  -  Wedding

Mr T J Dunbabin  -  Sydney, Australia  -  Wedding

County Alderman H Eddy  -  Knaresborough  -  Chairman of Knaresborough Urban Council appointed to MBE

Edith Ellis  -  Wedding

Mr R Fall  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Mr E J Filby  -  Winner of Men's Tennis Singles

Gladys Fletcher  -  Wedding

Allie Forster  -  Wedding

Charles Allan Foster  -  Obituary

Allan M Fraser  -  Wedding

Dora B Fryer  -  Wedding

Mr F H Fuller  -  Wedding

Miss L E Gadson  -  Wedding

Hamilton Gailey  -  Wedding

Constance Gamble  -  Wedding

Mr G Gamble  -  Wedding

Clarice Garnett  -  Wedding

Miss M Glynne  -  Leitrim, Co Clare, Ireland  -  Wedding

Reginald Gotts  -  Pannal  -  Wedding

George Grandage  -  Sussex  -  Wedding

Joan Grandage  -  The Priory, Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Mrs C D'Oyly Grange  -  Presiding at the Harrogate Drama Festival

Mr L Greenhough  -  Bowling semi-finalist

Mr L Greenhough  -  Starbeck  -  Receiving a Bowling prize

Capt C S Greenwood  -  Celebrating 50 years as President of the Harrogate & District General Hospital

Mr J E Greenwood  - 

Mr G H P Grenfell  -  Leeds  -  Wedding

A Hainsworth  -  Scout representative at Coronation

Arthur Hall  -  Obituary

Mr F D Hall  -  Wedding

Mr W T Hamlyn  -  Vice-Chairman of the Harrogate & District General Hospital

Mr S H Hardman  -  London  -  Wedding

Miss M Harris  -  Wedding

Edith Alice Hay  -  Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield  -  Wedding

Mr D Hayes  -  Linton  -  Wedding

Mrs R E Haylock  -  Winner of Women's Tennis Doubles

Mr R Heavyside  -  Otley  -  Wedding

Mary Hemsley  -  Wedding

Mr F R W Hemsley  -  Wedding

Miss M Herrington  -  Wedding

Jessie Higgs  -  Wedding

Mrs H D Hill  -  Presenting prizes

Miss R Hiller  -  Wedding

Maj J W Hills  -  Opening the new St Peter's Schools

Mr H Hinchley  -  Bowling semi-finalist

Miss E A Hind  -  Ruddington Hall, Notts  -  Wedding

Mr J E Hitchen  -  Wedding

Mary Lilian Hodgson  -  Wedding

Mr T E Holbrook  -  Hawkesworth  -  Wedding

Alfred Holdsworth  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Blanche Holmes  -  Ellenthorpe Hall  -  Wedding

Mr J S Holmes  -  Newly elected Councillor

Percy Holmes  -  Former Yorkshire cricketer

Mr J H Holroyd  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Dorothy Holt  -  Wedding

Carl Frank Hopkinson  -  Malta  -  Wedding

Lord Horder  -  Physician-in-Ordinary to the King

Mr S Horner  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team (Captain)

John Houfe  -  Obituary

Miss M I Hoyle  -  Paignton, Devon  -  Wedding

Mr B Humphreys  -  Leeds  -  Wedding

Mrs J Hutchinson  -  Woodlands  -  Obituary

Fred Idle  -  Assistant Rating Officer for the Borough

Mr & Mrs Fred Idle  -  Diamond Wedding

Miss K A Jackson  -  Wedding

Mr D Jackson  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Mr H Jackson  -  Bilton  -  Wedding

Mr W Jackson  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Miss F James  -  Notts  -  Runner-up of Women's Tennis Doubles

Mr W James  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI (Scorer)

Norman James  -  Rotherham  -  Wedding

Mr T Jennings  -  Darts champion

Miss E Johnson  -  Wedding

Mr Isaac Johnson  -  Obituary

Jack Judson  -  Wedding

Joan Kay  -  Bilton  -  Wedding

Leslie Kay  -  Wedding

Mary Elizabeth Kay  -  Wedding

James Ward Kerr  -  Hull  -  Wedding

Eileen B Kilburn  -  Earlsheaton  -  Wedding

Marjorie Kilburn  -  Wedding

Beryl Kinconnel  -  Cotterstock, Northants  -  Wedding

Mrs J S Kirk  -  Leicestershire  -  Winner of Women's Tennis Doubles

Mr P J Knight  -  Obituary

Doreen De Labilliere  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Mr J H Lancaster  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Mr A E Largent  -  Bowling semi-finalist

Mr D A Lawson  -  Wedding

Lady Lawson-Tancred  -  Patron of Harrogate Drama Festival

Pauline Lawson-Tancred  -  Wedding

Mr & Mrs William Laycock  -  Golden Wedding

Mr J Laycock  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Nr G N Leaf  -  Wedding

Miss P Lee  -  Wedding

Peter Andrew Purdell Lewis  -  Twickenham, Middlesex  -  Wedding

Mr G Lickley  -  Wedding

Alfred B Linden  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Miss Z Littlewood  -  Wedding

Mr G Littlewood  -  Bowling semi-finalist

Mr H Lockwood  -  Staincross  -  Wedding

Sir George Bernard Lomas-Walker  -  Knighted this year

Peggy Longbottom  -  Wedding

Mr E Lowis  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Mr G Lucas  -  Wedding

Marjorie Lumb  -  Pannal  -  Wedding

Mrs A Lupton  -  Obituary

Sheila E M Mair  -  Wedding

G Leslie Mann  -  Barnsley  -  Wedding

Mr J Mann  -  Obituary

Mr J E Marshall  -  Obituary

David Mason  -  Spacey Houses  -  Wedding

Miss S Massey  -  Wedding

Peter Dudfield May  -  Asbourne  -  Wedding

Rev Peter McCall  -  Hamilton  -  New minister at St Paul's Presbyterian Church

Mr E A McLean  -  Wedding

Miss M A Micklethwait  -  Wedding

Mr W Midgley  -  Pannal  -  Wedding

Barbara Ann Milligan  -  Wedding

Harry Moorhouse  -  Wedding

Malcolm Morley  -  Adjudicator at the Harrogate Drama Festival

Mr H T Morphet  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI (Captain)

James E Moseley  -  Wedding

Mr R N Moss  -  Wedding

Mr E R Mossman  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Donald Mulholland  -  Hull  -  Obituary

Mr J E Myers  -  Newly elected Councillor

Mr F B Naylor  -  Leeds  -  Wedding

Mr J H Newsome  -  Newly elected Councillor

Douglas Nicholson  -  Chester-Le-Street  -  Wedding

Arthur M Oddy  -  Wedding

Mr A L Outing  -  Obituary

Mr & Mrs G W Pallister  -  Golden Wedding

Mr E Parker  -  Wedding

Mr R Parsons  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Mr M R Pearson  -  York  -  Wedding

Mr J B Peattie  -  Craile, Fife  -  Wedding

Mr S S Peters  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Mr & Mrs John R Petty  -  Diamond Wedding

Mr H W Pilsworth  -  Wedding

Miss D Place  -  Wedding

Olive Place  -  Wedding

Mr L F W Pollard  -  Croydon  -  Wedding

Miss Popplewell  -  Adjudicator at the Harrogate Drama Festival

Mr L Powell  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Pattie Muriel Preston  -  Wedding

Mr J B Priestley  -  Patron of the Harrogate Drama Festival

Dr Leslie John Prosser  -  Wedding

Mr A L Prosser  -  Wedding

Tom Pullan  -  Obituary

John C Radcliffe  -  Starbeck  -  Wedding

Mr J C Raw  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Dick Raworth  -  South Africa  -  Obituary

Mr J Redfearn  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Mr W F W Rhodes  -  Newly elected Councillor

Mrs C D Rhodes  -  Golf champion

Mr J W Richardson  -  Newly elected Councillor

Miss E Richmond  -  Wedding

Mrs L Richmond  - 

Mr C E Rivers  -  Obituary

Edith Mary Rivis  -  Obituary

Mary Roberts  -  Wedding

James J Robinson  -  Wedding

James Rogerson  -  Wedding

Miss J A Rose  -  Wedding

Mr E Schofield  -  Newly elected Councillor

Mr J A Seaton  -  Wedding

Mr A Sharp  -  Leeds  -  Wedding

Miss K O Shaw  -  Burnt Yates  -  Wedding

Muriel Shaw  -  Wedding

Mr W Sheffield  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Harry V Shepherd  -  Newcastle  -  Wedding

Margaret Bowler Shepherd  -  Wedding

Lucy Skirrow  -  Spofforth  -  Wedding

Mr J E Smith  -  Wedding

Mrs F E Smith  -  Wedding

Philip Haighton Smith  -  Wedding

Eileen Staples  -  Wedding

Mr E Staples  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Miss H G Stell  -  Wedding

Mr G G Stephenson  -  Hon Treasurer of the Harrogate & District General Hospital

Mr W Stocks  -  Presenting Darts trophy

Mr C J Strain  -  Glasgow  -  Wedding

Alice E M Street  -  Wedding

Mr P Sutherland  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Albert R Swales  -  Bilton  -  Wedding

Mr R T Taggart  -  Belfast  -  Wedding

Mr & Mrs John Taylor  -  Bond End, Knaresborough  -  Diamond Wedding

Sol Taylor  -  Wedding

Mr A Thackrey  -  President of the Harrogate Bowling Association

Mr W M C Thorman  -  Wedding

Dorothy M Thorpe  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Henry William Thrower  -  Wedding

Jessie Tipling  -  Starbeck  -  Wedding

Mr H V M Titley  -  Obituary

Mr E Todd  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Mr J B Topham  -  President of the Harrogate Chamber of Trade

Mr J C Topham  -  Newly elected Councillor

Mr H Towler  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Mr J G Troop  -  Harrogate Old Boys RUFC Team

Miss N Waite  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Mr E Walsh  -  Wedding

Annie Ward  -  York  -  Wedding

Rowena M Wares  -  Wedding

Joan Shirley Watson  -  Wedding

Miss P M Weekes  -  Kent  -  Runner-up of Women's Tennis Doubles

Mr L H West  -  Wedding

Mr R S West  -  Wedding

Mr E J Wheater  -  Newly elected Councillor

George J Whitehouse  -  Starbeck  -  Wedding

Mr F W Whitehouse  -  Wedding

Capt C W Whitworth  -  Chairman of the Harrogate & District General Hospital

Catherine Wilcock  -  Wedding

Mr A Wilcox  -  Wedding

Miss B J Wildblood  -  Wedding

Mr A Willey  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI

Olive May Wise  -  Knaresborough  -  Wedding

Charles Wood  -  Wedding

Ernest Wood  -  Birstwith  -  Wedding

Sir Kingsley Wood  -  Laying foundation stone of Royal Baths extension

Mr G A Woods  -  Harrogate Cricket Club First XI (Vice-Captain)

Dorothy Wright  -  May Queen

Frederick Yates  -  Obituary

Charles Yeadon  -  Wedding


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