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1904 33 325  -  63 East Parade

Conveyance - 1904 33 325 - 28th July 1904

Octavious Parker of Harrogate, Retired Butcher
The Harrogate Conservative Club House Company Limited

Plot of land at the junction of Bower Street and East Parade, 925 sq yds, formerly forming part of two plots 4027 sq yds and 348 sq yds, bounded NW by a back road, SW by property recently contracted to be sold by William Hudson to the Company, SE by East Parade, and NE by Bower Street. Also the house known as 63 East Parade which was formerly known as 4 Keldholme Villas, formerly occupied by Elizabeth Dixon but lately by Octavious Parker, as per plan with Indenture 10th May 1889 between William Knowles of the 1st, William Hudson of the 2nd, John Rainforth of the 3rd, Elizabeth Dixon of the 4th, John Fisher le Page and Aimee Grut Dixon of the fifth.

Reservations as per Indenture 3rd August 1901 between John Fisher le Page and Aimee Grut Dixon of the 1st, Minnie Blanche Beauchamp, Aimee Grut Dixon, Constance Adelaide Dixon, Jessie Forrest Dixon, Jeannie Maud Dixon, Edward Wilson Dixon, Margueritte Algeo Dixon, and Frederick John Dixon of the 2nd, Edward Wilson Dixon of the 3rd, and Octavious Parker of the 4th, being the conveyance of the property to Octavious Parker.




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