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1914 13 296  -  Masonic Hall, Avenue Road

Appointment of New Trustees - 1914 13 296 - 2nd March 1914

Christopher John Byron Johnson, formerly of Kirkby Overblow but now of Rock Mount, King's Heath, Worcester
William Harrison Turner of Ashleigh, Alexandra Road, Harrogate, Tobacco Manufacturer
Charles Walker of Parliament Street, House Furnisher
William Bonsall of Rose Villa Nursery, Harrogate, Nurseryman
Nathan Rawcroft of Market Place, Knaresborough, Tailor
Robert Robinson of 2 Spring Mount, Harrogate, Journalist
Percival Ordish of Princes Street, Harrogate, Fancy Dealer
Sydney Evan Lowsley of 11 Wensley Road, Harrogate, Surveyor (The New Trustees)

Supplemental to Deed Poll of 12th November 1886 signed by Joseph Thomas Walker, Alfred James Bodman, Thomas Admiral Marsh, John Richardson, George Thompson, Moses Perkin, and Christopher John Byron Johnson (The Original Trustees), being the Trust Deed of the Harrogate and Claro Lodge of Freemasons No 1001 on the Grand Lodge Register of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

Thomas Admiral Marsh died 8th December 1896.

By Conveyance 12th March 1898 between Walker, Bodman, Richardson, Thompson, Perkin and Johnson (Vendors) and Thomas Woods, William Henry Wainhouse, Walter Davey, Joseph Brown Griffiths, Samuel Cliff, and Frederick Henry Ingle, being the then Trustees of the Doric Lodge of Freemasons (Purchasers) conveyed and undivided moiety of The Masonic Hall in Avenue Road along with a half share of the furniture, lodge jewels and effects.

Moses Perkin died 1st June 1898.
George Thompson died 24th June 1906.
John Richardson Died 28th July 1908.
Alfred James Bodman died 10th January 1910.
Joseph Thomas Walker died 8th April 1911.
Christopher John Byron Johnson wishes to be released from the trusts of the Trust Deed and to appoint new Trustees.




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