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1920 75 1034  -  32 and 34 Albert Place

Conveyance - 1920 75 1034 - 7th June 1920

Mary Kirby of Knaresborough, Spinster (Mortgagee)
William Blamires of Harrogate, Hotel Porter (Vendor)
William Taylor of Starbeck, Bricklayer (Purchaser)

Plot of land (formerly part of larger plot of 544 sq yds conveyed to William Greetham 28th August 1891) at Starbeck, forming part of two closes called Near Bell Field and Blue Bell Close and being 307 sq yds as per plan with Indenture 2nd December 1892 between William Monkhouse, Thomas Wright, and Thomas Porter Bulmer of the 1st, William Greetham of the 2nd, and Emma Shepherd of the 3rd. Also the two house known as Ivydene and Rosedale numbered 32 and 34 in Albert Place now occupied by William Taylor and William Saville. Reservations as per Indenture 3rd May 1893. Also reservations as per Indenture 7th September 1891 between Henry Hawksley Capes of the 1st, Stewart Dixon Stubbs, Henry Hawksley Capes, William Stubbs, and Charles Stubbs of the 2nd, and William Chippendale of the 3rd.





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