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1925 5 260/262  -  13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25 Birch Grove


Conveyance - 1925 5 260 - 1st January 1925

Edward Farquhar Buzzard of 75 Wimpole Street, London, MD
David James Mason MacFarlane, CMG, CBE, formerly of Kindowie, Maidenhead, but now of Turin, Forfarshire, Colonel Rtd
Thomas Percy Denman of East Retford, Gentleman
Mary Blanche Mason MacFarlane, wife of David etc. (Vendors)
Charles Frederick Napper of King's Road, Harrogate, Clerk, (Purchaser)
Gerald Ridley Toogood of King's Road, Chemist (Sub-Purchaser)

Seven houses 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25 Birch Grove on plot of 903 sq yds which formed Lot 48 of the Bilton Grange Estate as per Conveyance 27th March 1908 between John Edmund Whiting, John Town, Alfred Henry Baynes and Samuel Southall of the 1st part Frederic William Lewis and James Jebson Adamson of the 2nd and David Sayner of the 3rd. Restrictions as per Indenture of Exchange 6th May 1907 between David Sayner and the Bilton Grange Estates Co Ltd. Also chargeable with a Fee Farm Rent of 16/- payable to Mr Scott Murray.


Mortgage - 1925 5 262 - 2nd January 1925

Gerald Ridley Toogood of King's Road, Chemist
The Bradford Third Equitable Benefit BS

Mortgage for 1,190 on above transaction.




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