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1926 62 760  -  21,23, 25, 27 and 29 Beulah Street

Conveyance - 1926 62 760 - 3rd June 1926

Joseph Angel of 19 Hollins Road, Harrogate, Woollen Merchant
Edward Storr Latham of 54 Cold Bath Road, Harrogate
Montague Maurice Burton of Hudson Road Woollen Mills, Leeds, Clothing Manufacturer (Purchaser)

Piece of land on W side of Beulah Street, being part of 2420 sq yds as per Deed of Enfranchisement 3rd March 1884, bounded N by premises formerly of Isaac Pickard and lately of William Henry Welborn, S by shop of Jane Pickard and being 19 Beulah Street, E by Beulah Street, and W by Back Beulah Street, containing 346 sq yds as per plan with Indenture 29th July 1902 between Isaac Pickard of the one part and George Thompson and Charles Fortune of the other. Also the shops, hotel and buildings occupied by The Danish Butter Company, Stewarts Clothiers Ltd, Miss Coley, Ralph Carr Boston, and Misses M E & A Oddy, and being numbers 21, 23, 25, 27, and 29 Beulah Street. Reservations as per Deed of Enfranchisement 3rd March 1884 between The Queen of the 1st Isaac Pickard of the 2nd Eliza Ann Musgrave and Simeon Musgrave of the 3rd.




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