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1966 24 395

Deed of Appointment - 1966 024 395 - 30th December 1965

Mary Gertrude Law of 66 Harlow Moor Drive, Harrogate, Spinster
Geoffrey Arthur Farthing of Suite 6, Windsor Court, Prince of Wales mansions, Harrogate, Electrical Engineer
Annie Victoria Heaton of 65 Lytton Avenue, Letchworth, Schoolteacher, Spinster (Appointers)
Mary Gertrude Law
Geoffrey Arthur Farthing (Trustees)
Annie Victoria Heaton (Retiring Trustee)
Kenneth George Dodds of 2 Marlborough Grove, Ripon, Water Engineer
Lily Bell of 8 St Mary's Avenue, Harrogate (New Trustees)

[Concerning the property in Alexandra Road]




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