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ZF 686 765

Conveyance - ZF 686 765 - 1st November 1866

The Queen
Isaac Pickard

Plot of land in James Street heretofore forming part of Stack Close measuring 61'x82.5' and containing 559 sq yds and comprising part of Lot 174 and Lot 175 on the plan of the Victoria Park Company bounded N by James Street S by a back road E by property of James Malam and W by property of William Young. Also the land forming the other part of Stack Close containing 1681 sq yds and being Lots 129, 130, 131, 132 and 134 on the Victoria Park plan as offered for sale on 19th November 1863 and bounded N by property of Richard Carter and Richard Ellis but now of Misses Carter S by Albert Street E by Princes Street and W by property of Mr Thompson but now Miles Illingworth and the Misses Carter.
Isaac Pickard admitted at Courts of 18th January 1865 and 29th August 1866. Land now to be Freehold.

Witnessed by Lucy Ann King of Harrogate, Shop Assistant to Isaac Pickard, and John Richardson, Solicitor.




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