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Harrogate Story

Preface  -  Bilton-with-Harrogate  -  A Busy Official  -  0verseers of the Poor  -  Harrogate as a Property Owner
Life in The Harrogate Workhouse  - The Poor Apprentice  -  Constable of Bilton-with-Harrogate  -  Harrogate in Wartime
The First Church at Harrogate  -  Schools in Old-Time Harrogate  -  Pre-Victorian Travel  -  The Town of 1841
 Harrogate under the Commissioners  -  The Victorian Borough


[ Map - Old Sulphur Well in 1829 - The Old Harrogate Workhouse - Low Harrogate from East, c1836 - Stray at High Harrogate, c1836  The Free School  -  Cheltenham Promenade  -  Queen Victoria Statue ]



From Georgian Village


Victorian Town


W Haythornthwaite

It will surprise and command the interest of all who live in this progressive Yorkshire town, for it is based on the old township records which have not been accessible until a few years ago.

But this is not a dry and flat recounting of facts. The author creates sharp and fascinating pictures of Harrogate life down the years, particularly the formative period between 1770 and 1884.

He tells us of the old township and its neighbours, workhouse master and constable, churches and schools, of Harrogate in the days of Nelson and Wellington, under the commissioners and as a fashionable Victorian borough.


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