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Flights in Fairyland


by the Staff and Pupils of

Lothian School for Girls, Harrogate

Edited by

Jean Miller and Rose E Speight

This a collection of poems and fairy tales by the staff and children of the Lothian school. The school at which they were composed (c1930) is the Lothian School for Girls. This school was established c1895 by a Mrs Brewer. Lothian merged with Elmwood c1939 and became known as the Elmwood Lothian School. c1961 the buildings were demolished to make way for the District Hospital.

Below is a list of contributors - copy of their submissions can be had on request here.


The book is beautifully illustrated by Phyllis Chase who illustrated the first Enid Blyton book - Child Whispers



Lilian Abell

Nona Atkinson

Marjorie Beeforth

Mabel Butler

Molly Candelet

Grace Clarkson

Irene Dearlove

Bessie Gibb

Kathleen Harrison

Margaret Harrison

Sybil Illingworth

Peggy Laidler

Pauline Lazenby

Winnie Lazenby

Morwenna Lyne

Barbara B Lyne

Una Manby

Jessie Marks

Margaret Maynard

Jean Miller (Teacher)

Dorothy Nottingham

Muriel Pederson

Evelyn Peregrine

Peggy Rose

Marguerite Schmitz

Elsie Seymour

Phyllis Simans

Rose E Speight (Teacher)

Nellie Taylor

Enid Walker

Vera Westwood

Nell Wilson

Isabel Winterburn


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