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This elegant building was erected in 1833, by the late Mr. John Williams, from designs by Mr. Clark, of Leeds. 

It is approached through handsome iron gates, and in front is a portico, ascended by a flight of steps, on the top of which are six fluted columns, supporting a handsome pediment in the Grecian style of architecture. On entering the room, the visitor is struck with its elegance and capaciousness. The room is lighted during the day by fifteen handsomely ornamented ,windows, and by night from three elegant chandeliers suspended from the lofty ceiling, and by side lights. It is nearly one hundred feet long and thirty-three feet broad, and is fitted up with every requisite luxury. On the right hand of the main entrance is a well-provided library, for the use of subscribers, and on the left is the Pump Room, where chalybeate waters are dispensed. The large room is well supplied with newspapers. 

The windows open into extensive pleasure grounds, which stretch away for a considerable distance ; and being well wooded and laid out with winding walks, and provided with judiciously-placed seats, afford a delightful resort for visitors.An excellent band plays in the grounds daily. Morning and evening concerts are given in the large room we have described, and amusements of various kinds are provided. 

Terms for drinking the waters, &c, may be obtained at the room.


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