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This was discovered in 1631, by Dr Stanhope, and is also a steel spring. It is covered with a small neat temple placed at the South-East corner of the Stray, near the Harrogate and Wetherby-road. 

Hysterical affections, nervous disorders, St Vitus dance, tic-doloreaux, and darting pains in the head, face, and limbs, are relieved by these steel springs, and they also act as an astringent, tonic, and diuretic. 

Visitors are attended to by a female, who expects a small gratuity The terms are fixed by Act of Parliament, and are published in the respective rooms. 

This well is sometimes erroneously called St John's Well. A man named John had charge of it some years ago, at which time it was called John's Well ; after his death it was called by some St John's Well, but the grounds on which the saintship was conferred are not apparent.


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