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So unitedly have the different denominations in Harrogate worked in the cause of religion and education, that an exchange of buildings has more than once taken place. 

We have seen that St John's Chapel, which preceded Christ Church, ultimately became the chapel for the use of the Independents, and we have now to give an account of the building which was formerly an Independent chapel, but is now a National School, under the sole management of the Incumbent of Christ Church for the time being. 

This school, which is situated on the left hand of the Skipton Road, a little below the Dragon Hotel, was purchased for the purpose about twenty-five years ago. It is conducted on the Cheltenham system, which is a modified form of the better known Glasgow system. It is open to children of all denominations, and quite independent of the Church Sunday School (which is held in a different building altogether), though the latter consists in a great measure of the same children ; none, however, are compelled to attend it, but are left to use their own discretion, or to be guided by the wishes of their parents.

 The National School, as the Sunday School, is supported by voluntary contributions, the greater portion being derived from congregational collections in Church.


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