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Ripon and Knaresborough Old Bank

Messrs Harrison and Company, next door to the Post Office, High Harrogate. 

London agents : Messrs Willis, Percival, and Company, bankers. Open daily (Wednesdays excepted), from half-past ten to two o'clock.



The Knaresborough and Claro Banking Company

Agent : me John Greenwood, Parliament Street, Harrogate Wells.

London Agents : Messrs Barnett, Hoare, and Company. Open daily



The Harrogate Branch of the West-Riding Penny Savings' Bank

Open every Monday, from 7 to 8pm, at the National School, High Harrogate, and the School-room, Union Street, Harrogate Wells, alternately.



The Post-Office Savings' Bank

At the chief Post-Office, and the Receiving-House. Open daily, from 9am till 6pm; and on Sundays till 7pm.


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