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Jeremiah Jackson - 2nd February 1819 - AA015

Knaresborough, Yeoman

To my nephew Jeremiah Gott of Knaresborough all my clothes and wearing apparel. Also 10.

To my nephew-in-law Clemmett Barrett 10.

To my niece Elizabeth Barrick 5.

To my nephew John Gott of Sheffield 5.

To my niece Grace Laycock 5.

To my nephew Thomas Harrison 10.

To my niece Elizabeth Dore of Leeds 8.

To my niece Ann Kaynes 8.

To my nephew James Pounder 5.

To each of my nephews and nieces, the children of my brother William Jackson, 7.

To each of my nephews and nieces, the children of my sister Sarah Calvert, 7.

To my niece Ann Linley 30, whom I appoint executor.

The residue of my estate to my nephews and nieces, Elizabeth Barrick, John Gott, Grace Laycock, and James Pounder.

Witnesses : Martin Richardson, Ann Smith

Died 4th February 1819. Probate 13th May 1819. Effects under 300.




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