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John Lofthouse - 2nd January 1818 - AA019

Little Ribston, Yeoman

To Sarah Dunwell, the daughter of my late brother, Edward Lofthouse, 50.

To my niece Henrietta Winterburn 10.

To my nephew John Dodsworth 100.

To the children of my late sister Sarah Dodsworth 40 each (except William Dodsworth, Elijah Dodsworth and Hannah Dodsworth who have already received what I intended to give them) [Note : That could read William Elijah Dodsworth].

To the children of my late sister Susannah Gawthorp 19 19s each.

To Sarah Lapish 10.

To Elizabeth Ward, Ann Ward, and Dorothy Ward, the daughters of Henry Ward, deceased, 105 each, and to his daughter Grace Ward 150.

To Elizabeth Ward, widow of Henry, 5 at my death and an annuity of 10. 

To Henry Ward, the son of Henry, 100, provide he settles his debts with his sisters and me without recourse to the Law.

To Elizabeth Spink, widow of Henry Spink, the interest of two legacies of 25 each which I give to her son William Spink and son-in-law Thomas Whitehouse, and of the several legacies of 10 each which I give to the other of her children.

To Grace Ward the house and garden now occupied by Thomas Brown and the chamber over it which I occupy. At her death the same to her sisters Elizabeth and Ann.

20 towards the building of a Chapel at Little Ribston as soon as 50 has been expended on such a building.

To Elizabeth Lofthouse, Ann Lofthouse, and John Lofthouse, the children of my nephew John Lofthouse, 100 each.

To my nephew Edward Lofthouse, son of my late brother Edward Lofthouse, all he may owe me at my death except a note for 330.

The residue of my estate and effects to my nephews John Lofthouse, Edward Lofthouse, Joseph Lofthouse, and Benjamin Lofthouse, sons of my late brother Seth Lofthouse, and appoint them executors.

Witnesses : Sarah Burnell, Mary Burnell, Peter Earnshaw




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