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Ely Hargrove - 19th February 1816 - AA022

Knaresborough, Bookseller

To my wife Mary Hargrove all my stock in trade, manuscripts, and copyright of all the books I have written, all my furniture, effects and money. Also all the rents from my real estate.

At her death I give to my houses and other real estate to my sons John Hargrove and William Hargrove, whom I appoint as executors, subject the following legacies :

To my son Edwin Hargrove 50.

To my daughter Mary Hargrove 400.

400 for the use and benefit of my daughter Helen Life and her children. This is to be paid as an annuity of 15 and at her death the balance to go to her children.

Witnesses : Peter Earnshaw, Christopher Earnshaw, George Shepherd

Proved at Richmond 26th April 1819




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