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John Shute - 7th December 1815 - AA026

Bishop Thornton, Yeoman

To my nephew John Shute, son of my late brother William Shute, the farmhouse and outbuildings that I bought off Colonel Thornton, and all the Old Farm and the three closes [Detailed description given] upon the Moor at Bishop Thornton, chargeable with :

360, the interest of which is to be paid to my sister Frances Snowden.

After the death of my sister the interest is to go to her eldest son James Snowden, and at his death to be at his disposal.

Also charged with 120, the interest of which to go to my niece Sarah Wetherill, the wife of the late Christopher Wetherill of Bishop Thornton, and daughter of my late brother William. At her death the capital sum to be divided amongst her children.

At the death of my nephew John the real estate is further charged with :

To Mary Shute, the eldest daughter of my nephew John, 150.

To Hannah Shute, Sarah Shute, Elizabeth Shute, Ann Shute, Alice Shute, Jane Shute, and Dorothy Shute, all daughters of my nephew John, 100 each.

To my nephew William Shute, son of my late brother William, my newly built house, now occupied by Joseph King, and the associated closes [Detailed description given]. Also the house now occupied by James Walker and Sarah Shute, chargeable with :

480, the interest of which to go to my sister Frances.

[To continue]




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