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Robert Dent - 21st December 1819 - AA027

Knaresborough, Surgeon

All my real and personal estate to my sister Mary Rigg, my friend Thomas Richardson of Thirsk, and my friend Michael Meek Upon Trust to sell and invest. The interest of same to my sister Mary

At my sister's death the principal sum to be divided amongst her children John Rigg, Robert Rigg, Mary Ann Rigg, and Eliza Rigg.

My Trustees to present to my brother-in-law John Jackson, Esquire, of Manchester, any articles in my house that he may choose as a remembrance of me.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, Joseph Chapman Wales

Codicil - 5th January 1820

Directs that John Jackson is to have two silver goblets and his friend Richard Rushforth to have two silver waiters, this being a request by his late wife.

Died 31st January 1820. Probate 27th March 1820. Effects under 2,000




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