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John Wade - 3rd February 1813 - AA028

Pannal, Yeoman

My house, with outbuildings, and the three closes called Far Close, Middle Close, and Garth, at Pannal, late in the occupation of my son John Wade, to my son John. Chargeable with 20 to my son William Wade.

To my son William the ancient building and the two pieces of land called High Garth and Low Garth in Pannal, now occupied by Richard Wood and Joseph Morrell.

To my son Lister Wade the house called Thompson's House and the two closes called Thompson's Close and Paddock in Pannal, now occupied by myself.

To my daughter Catherine Wade the ancient house in which Thomas Parker lives and being in Pannal.

To my brother William Wade the newly erected house in which he now lives. 

The residue of my estates to my son Francis Wade, whom I appoint as executor, chargeable with the following on his death :

To my daughter Elizabeth Jackson, the Widow of John Jackson of Manchester, 80.

To my daughter Ann Jefferey, the wife of John Jefferey of Timble Great, 70.

To my daughter Mary Goodison, the wife of James Goodison of London, 80.

To my daughter Agnes Emsley, the wife of Charles Emsley late of Manchester, 70.

To my daughter Grace Morrell, the wife of Solomon Morrell of Pannal, 80.

To my daughter Annabella Horsley, the wife of William Horsley of Sinnington, 80.

To my daughter Charlotte Wade 70.

To my daughter Hannah Pullan, the wife of Joseph Pullan, of Plompton, 80.

To my daughter Sarah Wade 80.

Witnesses : Richard Fairbank, Francis Fairbank, John Fairbank

Died 24th March 1820. Probate 17th June 1820. Effects under 100.

Appraisement by John Hardisty available.




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