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Henry Hardcastle - 17th February 1815 - AA035

Knox Mill, Killinghall, Miller

To my wife Elizabeth Hardcastle and my son Stephen Hardcastle my mill, house, and other buildings in the Township of Fewston, chargeable with following legacies :

100 to my son William Hardcastle.

400 to my daughter Ann Britain.

200 to my son Henry Hardcastle. The last two mentioned to be paid after the death of my wife.

400 invested and the interest paid as an annuity to my son William. At his death the principal sum to go to his children.

My ancient building at Gill Becks and at Timble Great to my son William. At his death the same to his children.

My mill and all other buildings at Knox Mill and at Bland Hill and at Haxby Lodge to my son Henry. Also all my money and other personal estate. I appoint him executor.

Witnesses : Timothy Belt, Ann Gant, Samuel Powell

Codicil - 21st February 1820

As my wife is now deceased I revoke the bequest of 200 to Henry.

Witnesses : Timothy Belt, John Grahams, Matthew Gill




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