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Robert Gilbertson - 16th April 1818 - AA036

Bilton with Harrogate, Gentleman

All my estate at Killinghall to the use of my niece Mary Woodde, charged with 100 for my nephew William Gilbertson, son of my brother Jonathan Gilbertson.

My real estate at Bilton with Harrogate equally amongst my nephews and niece, Robert John Francis Mitton the younger, Rev Henry Mitton, Mary Woodde, Robert Gilbertson, and William Gilbertson, chargeable with the yearly Rent Charge of 10 for Jane Parker the wife of John Parker for life.

All my plate to Robert Gilbertson.

The residue of my estates divided amongst my nephews and niece.

I appoint Robert Gilbertson and Henry Mitton as executors.

Witnesses : George Wright, David Stoner, Samuel Powell




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