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George Cooper - 12th August 1802 - AA038

Knaresborough, Grocer

To my wife Elizabeth Cooper all my silver plate, household goods, and all other personal effects except securities for money, from the house in which I now live, and the furniture from the house I previously occupied. All the money that may be due to me upon the balance of weekly cash between myself and my nephew Francis Cooper. Also the hay from my field at Scriven with Tentergate. Also the 1,600 stock in the 5% of the year 1797, as well as the 400 stock in the Navy 5% which is already in her own name.

To my nephew, and partner, Francis 500 out of my stock in trade, and he is to give a security for the remainder.

To my brother Richard Cooper 400 stock in the 5% of 1797, and also the first the first half-year dividend that becomes payable after my death. After his death I give the dividend of this stock to my nephew Thomas Cooper, son of my late sister Isabel Cooper, and at his death I give the stock and dividends to the children of my brother William Cooper as follows : One third each to my nieces Elizabeth Stephenson, Ann Stephenson, and Jane Harker

To by brother Anthony Cooper the interest in the 400 Navy stock. At his death I give the dividends to my niece Jane Cooper, daughter of my brother Thomas.

To the 5 children of my brother Thomas, Thomas Cooper, Elizabeth Reed, Isabella Cooper, Ann Cooper, and Richard Cooper, 500 each.

To my niece Elizabeth Stephenson 100.

To my niece Ann Stephenson 500.

To my brother Richard Cooper 200.

To my nephew Francis Cooper, son of my brother Francis Cooper, 500.

All these legacies to be paid at the death of my wife.

To my niece Jane Hacker the interest of 500, after the death of my wife, and at her death the principal sum to go to her children.

At my wife's death the field in Scriven to go to my niece Elizabeth Stephenson.

As Mortgagee of a house in Knaresborough, belonging to William Young, I direct that my heir shall become that Mortgagee and if he refuses then all his legacies shall cease.

To my wife the interest and produce of all of my estate, not already disposed of, and at her death to be divided as follows : 1/6th to my nephew and partner Francis, 4/6ths amongst my nephew Francis, son of my brother Francis, my nephew Thomas, son of my brother Thomas, my niece Elizabeth Stephenson, and my niece Ann Stephenson, the interest on the remaining 1/6th to my niece Jane Harker.

I appoint my wife and my brother Richard, and partner Francis Cooper as executors.

Witnesses : Peter Earnshaw, George Lambert

Codicil - 7th November 1802

I authorise my Executors to sellout stock in the 3% Consols sufficient to raise 1,300 for the purpose of loaning it to Joseph Goodlad.

Witnesses : Mary Sampson, Peter Earnshaw




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