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Ellen Dearlove - 26th December 1816 - AA043

Knaresborough, Wife of Ralph Dearlove

My late husband, John Scruton of Knaresborough, yeoman, deceased, in his Will dated 21st December 1780, gave authority for me to dispose of 80, as I saw fit, at my death. 

This sum is to be divided as follows : To my niece Elizabeth Butterfield, the wife of Robert Butterfield, 25. To my niece Hannah Heward 8. To my nephew Joseph Scruton 8. To my nephew William Scruton 8. To my nephew Christopher Scruton 8. To my niece Rachel Bainbridge, daughter of my niece Jane Bainbridge 11. To my niece Margaret Thoms of London, 10. To my niece Ellen Scruton, daughter of Samuel Scruton, 2.

A further sum of 100, also from the Will of my late husband, to be divided as follows : To my nephew Robert Butterfield 5. To my nephew John Butterfield 10. To my nephew William Butterfield 5. The remaining 80 to be divided amongst my nephews and nieces, Joseph Scruton, William Scruton, Christopher Scruton, Elizabeth Butterfield, and Hannah Heward.

To the daughter of my nephew William Scruton a gown and cloak. The residue of my clothes to my two nieces Elizabeth Butterfield and Hannah Heward.

I appoint Robert Butterfield and Joseph Scruton as executors.

Witnesses : Matthew Gill, John Firth

Codicil - 6th November 1817

10 to my niece Margaret Thoms is revoked.

10 to my nephew John Butterfield is revoked, and replaced by 5.

I give to William Eteson, Ralph Eteson, John Eteson, and Francis Eteson, sons of William Eteson of Knaresborough, Butcher, 5 each.

Died 3rd March 1820. Probate 30th October 1820. Effects under 100




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