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Thomas Driffield - 22nd April 1819 - AA048

Knaresborough, Raff Merchant

To my wife Hannah Driffield 50 and the house in which I live with all the furniture &c., also an annuity of 90. Should she remarry then this annuity to reduce to 50. At her death the house to go to my son William Driffield.

To my daughter Mary Bedford, wife of William Bedford of Ribston, an annuity of 40.

To my son William Driffield all my stock in trade, ready money, household goods in my house in Mount Street and all other my estate not already disposed of. Also all my Copyhold and Leasehold buildings in Knaresborough, Ripon, Ribston Little and Collingham. Also that in Mount Street in the Parish of St George, Hanover Square, London. The Knaresborough property to be chargeable with all annuities mentioned.

To my daughter Ann Dewes an annuity of 50.

By Indenture of Lease and Release 24th and 25th November 1808 between William Bedford and Mary Bedford and myself of the other part, they conveyed a house and three closes called Bramham Field and Bottom Moor Field in Ribston Little to me. Upon the Trusts I give this property to my wife and son.

I appoint Richard Terry of Knaresborough and my wife as joint executors.

Witnesses : William Collins, Joseph Watson, Miles Newbold




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