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Stephen Atkinson - 11th October 1918 - AA052

Scriven with Tentergate, but now of Colney Hatch, Middlesex, Esquire

To my niece Ann Atkinson, daughter of my brother James Atkinson, 1,000.

To John Fairbank, son of Francis Fairbank of Knaresborough, Attorney at Law, 500.

To my relation James Hayhurst, son of James Hayhurst, deceased, late of Long Acre, 500.

To James Sermitte, son of my executor Thomas Sermitte, 500.

To my servant Rachel Winter, 500.

To my executor, Thomas Sermitte, of Aldgate, London, and of Colney Hatch, Merchant, 500 Upon Trust to invest in public funds. Any change to be authorised by Harriette Atkinson, wife of Thomas Atkinson the son of my brother James Atkinson. The profit to be disbursed as directed by Harriette

All my freehold estate in Scriven with Tentergate, Knaresborough, and Youlton, and the residue of my personal estate and effects to Thomas Sermitte

Witnesses : George Ries Williams, Clerk to Messrs Exley Stoker & Dawson, Furnivals Inn, James Perkins of Colney Hatch

Inrolled 3rd January 1821




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