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Thomas Nicholson - 5th April 1820 - AA055

London and Roundhay, Esquire

[This is a long (18 pages) and complicated Will which you will need to read. Names only extracted]

Elizabeth Nicholson (wife), Stephen Nicholson (brother), Rev James Armytage Rhodes of Horsforth (friend), and John William Rhodes of Leeds - Executors.

William Nicholson Phillips (nephew - eldest son of my sister Mary Phillips).

Mary Stansfeld, daughter of John Slater of Lothersdale. Richard Wilson of Thornton (cousin). Robert Hawley of Oakham, Rutlandshire, deceased. William Nicholson (father, late of Chapel Allerton, deceased). William Slater of London (cousin). Elizabeth Manson. Mary Knowles of York. Ann Nickalls (daughter of the late Thomas Nickalls of Folkstone, Kent).

Benjamin Atkinson (servant).

Mary Robinson (formerly Mary Gott, cousin, deceased). Grace Holroyd (aunt, deceased). John Whitaker (son of James Whitaker). Mary Gill of Leeds. Ann Walker of London (daughter of the late John Blakes). Elizabeth Benson and Mary Benson, of Peckham. Mary Nickalls of Peckham. Nathaniel English late of Sheepscar. 

Witnesses : Thomas William Tottie, James Richardson, Matthew Gaunt

Proved at York 12th March 1821




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