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Robert Walker - 19th September 1820 - AA056

Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Shopkeeper and Linen Weaver

I appoint my sons Joseph Walker and Benjamin Walker as Executors.

To my wife Rachel Walker 20, also all my furniture, also an annuity of 16, also my land in Menwith with Darley.

To my daughter Sarah Walker an annuity of 8.

To my son Joseph my cattlegate on Dacre Pastures and 5.

To my daughter Mary Walker 50.

To my son Thomas Walker 50.

To my daughter Elizabeth Walker 50.

To my son John Walker 20.

To my son Samuel Walker 50.

To my son Spence Walker 50.

On the death of my wife the following further sums to be paid :

To Mary 100. To Elizabeth 100. To John 50. To Thomas 100. To Samuel 100. To Spence 100.

To my son Benjamin all my estate at Darley, my house, my stock in trade and manufacturing utensils.

Witnesses : Thomas Petty, William Metcalf, Betty Petty




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