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William Aked - 4th November 1817 - AA060

Bramley Head, Parish of Fewston. Formerly of Laund House, Parish of Otley. Yeoman.

To my wife Mary Aked, my youngest son William, and John Craven of Otley, Linen Draper, all my real estate in the parishes of Otley and Fewston, and all my personal estate, Upon Trust to sell and dispose, having offered for sale to my three sons my property at Thrusscross. 

From these sales 1,000 to be divided in sevenths. One seventh to go to each of my six children John Aked, James Aked, William Aked, Jane Aked, Ellen Aked, and Mary Aked. The remaining seventh to be placed at interest, first deducting 50 to go to my daughter Hannah Blackburn, wife of George Blackburn, and the interest paid to Hannah. At her death the seventh share to be divided amongst her children.

To my wife an annuity of 50.

The property to be offered to my sons is :

To John : The lands and buildings on the west of High Mill Watercourse, consisting of the close called The Pasture, Brown's High Garth Hill Low Croft Back Croft, Long Close, Far Field, Limekiln Close, Square Flatt, and Allotment, with the barn and house. Price to be 1,250.

To James : The High Mill with the machinery and land to the east or low side of the mill. Price to be 850.

To William : The Low Mill with the machinery and the Peat Hill allotment I bought off Marmaduke Reynard. Price to be 1,000.

Should any of my sons reject the purchase then the named property may be disposed of my Trustees.

Witnesses : Henry Bolton, clerk to Mr Smith, Solicitor, Otley, John Tuley of Bramley Head, Farmer, William Hannam of Bramley Head, Weaver, William Myers of Bramley Head, Farmer




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