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John Law - 6th October 1821 - AA062

Bilton with Harrogate, Tailor

My house at Boston in the Parish of Bramham to John Dawson, son of William Dawson of Wetherby, Innholder.

My ancient buildings and lands at Bilton with Harrogate and Felliscliffe to my wife Mary Law, and at her death the same to my nephew Robert Law, the son of my brother William Law, chargeable with an annuity of 50 to my nephew-in-law Hercot Hopeton.

My house and land at Clifford to my nieces-in-law Mary Hopeton, Jane Hopeton, and Hannah Hopeton.

My lands in Scotton and an allotment on Thistle Hill to John England (or English) of the Half Moon Public House near the march bridge in Knaresborough.

My household goods and personal estate to my wife Mary, whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : John Simpson, Thomas Simpson, Samuel Powell

Died 10th October 1821. Probate 1st December 1821. Effects under 300.




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