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John Burnett - 11th May 1821 - AA063

Thornaby, Yeoman

To my wife Mary Burnett 200 and the furniture she brought into the marriage.

To my nephew William Wrigglesworth 200 and the tenant right of the farm I now occupy provide my landlord Lord Downe agrees.

To William and my nephew Luke Plummer of Birdforth my estates at Husthwaite and Bilton with Harrogate, also all my monies and the residue of my personal estate, Upon Trust to sell and divide into four parts :

One part to be placed out at interest and the profits paid to my sister Jane Burnett, and at her death the principal sum to go to my nephews and nieces.

The other three parts to be divided amongst my nephews and nieces.

Witnesses : William Lockwood, George Cock, John Wood




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