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Christopher Ibbetson - 30th April 1821 - AA064

Knaresborough, Dyer

All my furniture and plate to my wife Elizabeth Ibbetson, also my real estate in Knaresborough, also the interest and yearly produce.

At her death the same to my son William Ibbetson, chargeable with :

325 each to my sons Thomas Ibbetson, Edward Ibbetson. 525 to William. 225 to my daughter Ann Houseman, wife of William Houseman. 365 to my son James Ibbetson. 295 to my son John Ibbetson. 365 to my son Joseph Ibbetson. 525 to my daughter Marge Ibbetson.

I would like my wife and son William to carry on my business, and appoint them executors.

Witnesses : George Ingle, Alexander Sly, Matthew Gill

Died 14th June 1821. Probate 12th December 1821. Effects under 1,000.

Excellent inventory by Richard Simpson available.




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