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Jane Street - 26th February 1821 - AA066

Westend, Widow

My estate to my three children John Steel of Warsill, Farmer, Nancy (Ann) Wade, wife of Francis Wade of Westend, Farmer, and Mary (Molly) Metcalf, wife of John Metcalf of Thornthwaite, Farmer.

My eldest son Matthew Steel receives nothing as he has already had his share. It is likely that he will make trouble in respect of my Copyhold property at Menwith Hill which was devised to me by my late husband, and at my death to all my children. Any costs arising out of any trouble is to be first met before disbursement of any other money.

I nominate my son John and my son-in-law Francis Wade as executors.

Witnesses : Squire Farrar, James Newbould

Died 9th March 1821. Probate 28th March 1821. Effects under 200.

Small inventory by John Pullan available.




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