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Richard Richmond - 7th January 1822 - AA071

Meg Yat, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To my son Thomas Atkinson and his wife Ellin Atkinson the piece of land called Low Ray Carr with the house, and other buildings, also the fields called Great Holme, Long Holme, Little Holme. Also that part of my allotment on Laverton Moor near Ogerstone Hill on the east of Drift Road. Chargeable with an annuity of 1 to Rachel Braithwaite.

On the death of my son and his wife the same to my grandson Richard Atkinson, chargeable with 50 to his brother Thomas Atkinson, 40 to his sister Margaret Atkinson.

To my grandson William Atkinson, after her death of his parents, my allotment on Laverton Moor, chargeable with 30 each to his sisters Ann Atkinson and Sarah Atkinson.

My grandson Richard is to pay his two sisters, Ann and Sarah, 10 each.

To my three granddaughters, Margaret, Ann, and Sarah, all my household furniture and bedding at my house at Meg Yat.

To my son Thomas my cart and all my husbandry gear.

To my son John Richmond the residue of my estate, chargeable with an annuity of 1 to Rachel Braithwaite.

I appoint Anthony Lumley, Gentleman, of Skelding, and George Wharton of Laverton, and William Appleby of Beck Meetings, all of the Parish of Kirkby Malzeard, as Trustees.

I give to my housekeeper Rachel Braithwaite either the little house at Meg Yat that I have used as a shop, or the little house at Low Ray Carr.

I appoint my son John Richmond as executor.

Witnesses : William Hardcastle, Margaret Ewbank, George Wharton

Died 21st January 1822. Probate 30th January 1822. Effects under 20.

Small appraisement by William Hardcastle, George Ridsdale, and George Wharton available.




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