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Elizabeth Collins - 4th December 1820 - AA075

Scriven with Tentergate, Spinster

To my cousins Mrs Mary Lamplough and Richard Cundall 300 each.

To Mrs Cundall the widow of my late cousin James Cundall 100.

To Miss Margaret Bebb and Miss Martha Bebb 10 each.

To Mrs Ibbetson the widow of the late Carr Ibbetson 200.

To Ann Jennings, Jane Jennings, Francis Jennings and Ruth Jennings, children of the late Mrs Jennings of Boroughbridge, 5 each.

To Mrs Garth the wife of John Garth 10.

To Elizabeth Archdale 10.

To Kitty Collins and James Collins, the children of my late cousin James Collins, 100 each.

To my senior maid 19 19s in addition to the wages I might owe her at my decease.

To the Trustees of the Charity School in Knaresborough, founded by Dr Richardson late of that place, 100 Upon Trust to invest and apply the interest as required to purchase clothing for the poor children.

To William Collins, another son of my late cousin James, 100 Upon Trust to pay the treasurer of the Governors of the Lunatic Asylum at York.

To the treasurer of the Secondary Schools in Knaresborough, 2 2s.

All the china belonging to the late Mrs Wilkinson to Miss Lawson, the daughter of the late Rev Lawson of Boroughbridge.

To the Poor of Knaresborough and Bond End, 10.

The remainder of my china, clothes and plate to Kitty Collins.

The residue of my personal estate to William Collins whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Simpson, Robert Sly, Samuel Powell

Codicil - 12th December 1820

My two pews in the Parish Church of Knaresborough to William Collins.

Witnesses : Thomas Simpson, Samuel Powell




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