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William Andrews - 23rd February 1816 - AA077

Scriven with Tentergate, Yeoman

To my son William Andrews my house in which I reside, barns, stables and all other outbuildings, and at his death the same to my grandson William Andrews.

To my wife Thomasin Andrews the residue of my real estate in Scriven with Tentergate and Scotton, and at her death the same to my son William, along with the three closes Little Linger, Jeremy Field and Buckle Paddock in Scotton.

To my son Jonathan Andrews my right and interest in the farm at Scotton, called Poor Folks Farm.

To my daughter Sarah Andrews, after the death of my wife, my house in Scriven now occupied by Thomas Lonsdale, and at her death the same to my son Thomas Andrews.

To my son Thomas the three houses in Scriven now occupied by myself, Benjamin Smith, William Sharper and Roger Lund.

To John Calverley of Scriven, Yeoman, after the death of my wife, my land in Scotton called Cross Bars, Upon Trust to sell and divide the money as follows : 50 to my son Thomas and the remainder amongst my daughters Margaret Fawcett, Elizabeth Johnson, Mary Turnbull, Sarah Andrews and Thomasin Baines.

To my daughter Elizabeth an annuity of 5, payable out of the premises devised to my son William.

To my son William all my farming stock and utensils and all the residue of my personal estate.

I appoint my wife executor.

Witnesses : Richard Dalby, William Collins

Codicil - 11th July 1818

The 50 to Thomas is revoked and 150 given after the death of his wife. This is to be paid out of the real estate given to Jonathan.

Witnesses : John Lees, William Collins, Joseph Watson

Codicil - 2nd November 1819

The estate given to Thomas is now charged with 10 each to the five daughters.

Witnesses : John Lees, John Harper

Died 5th April 1822. Probate 13th May 1822. Effects under 200.

Inventory by Richard Simpson available.




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