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Eleanor Poulter - 20th August 1821 - AA078

Scriven with Tentergate, Widow

My clock to my nephew Joseph Bales, son of my late brother Thomas Bales.

My clothes, linen, and some named furniture to my sister Margaret Kettle.

The residue of my household contents and personal estate to my nephew Joseph and John Taylor of Bond End, Linen Manufacturer, Upon Trust to sell and divide the money amongst my sisters, Ann Bales and Margaret Kettle. At the death of either sister then the principal sum to be divided amongst my nephews Joseph Bales, Thomas Bales and George Bales, and my nephew and niece, Thomas Kettle, Mary Kettle and Elizabeth Kettle.

Witnesses : Richard Oastler, Samuel Powell

Died 3rd November 1821. Probate 15th May 1822. Effects under 200.




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