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Mary Rainforth - 13th November 1806 - AA084

Burton Leonard, Widow

To my daughter Mary Watson, the wife of Henry Watson, 100.

To my son Christopher Rainforth the 70 owing from my late husband to my late father Christopher Lawson.

To my daughter Ann Stephenson, the wife of John Stephenson of Scotton, 100.

To my son Francis Rainforth the 63 invested in the Public Funds.

To my daughters Frances Rainforth and Margaret Rainforth 150 each.

To my son Richard Rainforth 50.

If I die before Richard and Margaret reach 21, their legacy is to be invested until that time.

I appoint Thomas, William and John joint executors.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, William Collins

Died 3rd March 1822. Probate 21st August 1822. Effects under 600.




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