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Matthew Thackwray - 15th September 1810 - AA093

Bilton with Harrogate, Gentleman

[Very long and complicated - You are advised to transcribe it for yourself - Names and relationships only extracted]

John Beedam Charlesworth of Leeds, Linen Draper & Silk Mercer, Richard Wheelhouse of Harrogate, Gentleman, William Cooper of York, Wine Merchant, John Greeves of Harrogate, Innkeeper, Trustees.

John Fawcett, Thomas Shaw, undertenants to Greeves. William Theakstone. John Naden. Matthew Thackwray, son. Thomas Mascie Thackwray, son. Sarah Thackwray, Mary Charlesworth, Ann Thackwray, Esther Thackwray, and Amelia Thackwray, daughters. 

Witnesses : Mascie Taylor, John Newton, Thomas Ripley

Codicil - 20th November 1811

Francis Matson of South Stainley.

Witnesses : James Collins, William Collins, Hew Crawfurd

Codicil - 2nd October 1813

Sir William Ingilby.

Witnesses : Robert Morley, William Collins

Codicil - 10th February 1815

Daniel Wilson.

Witnesses : John Stott, William Pullan, William Collins

Codicil - 15th September 1817

Witnesses : John Stott, William Collins

Codicil - 13th August 1823

Witnesses : Martin Richardson, Ann Wardman, Frances Farrarr

Proved at York 4th October 1823




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