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Margaret Stubbs - 8th June 1822 - AA096

Fewston, Widow

My real estate at Thrusscross and personal estate to my brother Thomas Hardisty and my nephew Joshua Hardisty, son of my late brother Joshua Hardisty, Upon Trust, to divide the rents in seven parts, and to go to : Mary Hardisty, widow; Ann Stephenson, widow, my sister; my brother Thomas Hardisty; Ann Hardisty, widow of my late brother Samuel Hardisty; James Hardisty, my brother; Joshua Hardisty, my nephew; Anne Wilkinson, my niece.

5 each to the son and daughter of John Jeffrey, by his late wife Ann Jeffrey who was my niece.

Named furniture is then distributed to the above, plus : Margaret Stephenson, niece; Lydia Stephenson, niece; Charles Hardisty, nephew; Joshua Hardisty, son of my brother Samuel.

Witnesses : Hannah Robinson, Isaac Horn

Died 11th May 1823. Probate 11th June 1823. Effects under 300

Inventory and valuation by Thomas Hardisty and Joseph Roundell available.




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