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John Raper - 4th October 1822 - AA101

The Abbey, township of Knaresborough, Farmer

To my son John Raper, who lives with me, my house and lands at Kirkby Overblow. Also my estate and interest as tenant of the farm, and all my stock and implements.

To my daughters Mary Raper and Elizabeth Raper my real estate at Pannal.

To my son and daughters my household furniture and plate in my house at the Abbey.

I appoint my friends Thomas Raper of Harrogate, Henry Houseman of Plumpton, and John Lumley of the Hay Park, as executors and guardians of my children during their minorities.

Witnesses : William Ellison, Ann Kaberry, Samuel Powell

Died 12th October 1823. Probate 20th March 1824. Effects under 200.

Valuation by John Calverley, witnessed by Roger Lund, available.




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