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Sarah Thackwray - 15th January 1824 - AA105

Bilton with Harrogate, Spinster

One sixth share of my real and personal estate to my executors, Upon Trust, for the use of my brother Thomas Mascie Thackwray. At his death the same to his children; and if none then the same to be shared amongst my brother Matthew Thackwray, and sisters Mary Charlesworth, Ann Thackwray, Esther Thackwray, and Amelia Thackwray.

The remaining five sixths to go to my brother Matthew, and sisters Mary, Ann, Esther, and Amelia.

Part of my real estate is a sixth part of closes of land and property at Bilton with Harrogate, purchased by my late father from Daniel Wilson of Dalham Tower, Westmoreland. I direct that my brother Matthew may purchase this at a fair valuation.

I nominate Matthew, Esther, and Ann as executors and Trustees of my brother Thomas share.

Witnesses : Ann Thackwray, Elizabeth Smith, Martin Richardson

Died 30th March 1824. Inrolled 14th April 1824.




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