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Amos Bake - 21st September 1823 - AA107

Menwith with Darley, Corn Dealer

I and my brother Nathan Bake jointly own a farm called Clockansike Farm in Dacre with Buerley (about 50 acres) and occupied by him, together with 9 Cattle Gates on Dacre Pasture, and rights of common on Hayshaw and Braithwaite Moors, and the Cornmill and other buildings (all on 10 acres) in Darley and Dacre, also other land in Darley bought by us from William Petty, also the Flaxmill on this last land. 

We have agreed a division of these properties :

Myself - The Cornmill and buildings and the 10 acres of land, commonly called Mill Lands, and a piece of Clockansike Farm called Clockansike Woodland which adjoins the Mill Lands and contains 5 acres 3 roods.

My brother - The residue. 

I give all my real estate to my friends Joseph Spence and William Spence (his son), both of Birstwith, Merchants, Upon Trust to carry out the agreement between my brother and I and to execute all legal and necessary conveyancing. Also all real estate that I exclusively own and to apply the rents towards an annuity of 20 for my wife and for the maintenance of my children. When my youngest reaches 21 then my estate to be divided amongst them. Should all my children die under 21 then the annuity to my wife to be raised to 30.

Witnesses : Martin Richardson, Thomas Furniss, Nathan Bake




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