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Matthew Outhwaite - 22nd July 1820 - AA115

Brearton, Farmer

My half share in the farm at Scotton to my three sons Matthew Outhwaite, William Outhwaite, and Thomas Outhwaite, now occupied by William Fawcett.

To William and Thomas all the stock, crops, and farming utensils on the farm I occupy at Brearton.

To my six grandchildren Thomas Farnhill, Ann Farnhill, John Farnhill, Susannah Farnhill, Elizabeth Farnhill, and Margaret Farnhill, the children of my son-in-law William Farnhill, 1 1s each.

To my three grandchildren Matthew Farnhill, Thomas Farnhill, and Ann Farnhill, the children of my son-in-law Thomas Farnhill, 1 1s each.

To my daughter Grace Farnhill, the wife of William, 10.

To my daughter Ann White, the wife of James White, 19 19s.

To Elizabeth White, the wife of Joseph White, 19 19s.

To my sons William and Thomas, the residue of my real and personal estate and appoint them, along with my son Matthew, executors.

Witnesses : George Upton, William Outhwaite, William Smith

Died 2nd January 1824. Probate 2nd June 1824. Effects under 100.




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