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William Meadley - 25th November 1820 - AA117

Ferrensby, Yeoman

To my wife Jane Meadley all my personal estate.

To my brother James Meadley and my wife, all my real estate, In Trust. Income and interest to my wife until my grandsons William Meadley, George Meadley, and John Meadley, sons of my late son John Meadley become 21; at which time my wife to pay them 10 each.

To my daughter Mary Barker 1s.

To my daughter Ann Sharper 30 after the death of my wife.

Residue of my estates to my wife whom I appoint, along with my brother James, executor.

Witnesses : Peter Earnshaw, Thomas Lee, John Dawson

Died 21st March 1824. Probate 20th August 1824. Effects under 100.

Appraisement by Henry Ward available.




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