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William Jeffray - 15th November 1824 - AA122

Killinghall, Parish of Ripley, Flax Dresser

My Trustees do not have the power to sell my farm at Killinghall, nor my farm at Birstwith, called Court Hill.

Named furniture to my daughter Mary Ann Jeffray

My silver cup to my eldest son William Jeffray.

Remainder of my property to be divided amongst my children, once Mary Ann becomes 21, William Jeffray, John Jeffray, Thomas Myers Jeffray, and Mary Ann Jeffray.

I appoint my friends John Dalby, William Petch, and William Weatherill as executors and trustees.

Witnesses : William Knipe, Thomas Lund, Stephen Lund

Died 1st December 1824. Probate 8th December 1824. Effects under 200.

Inventory by Thomas Petty, William Swale, George Craven, and Thomas Lund available.

Admon Bond for 100 also available. 8th December 1824.

John Dalby of Killinghall, Blacksmith
William Petch of Poole, Farmer
William Weatherill of Menwith with Darley, Farmer
William Swale of Killinghall, Farmer
George Craven of Killinghall, Farmer




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