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Edward Ibbetson - 26th September 1821 - AA125

Knaresborough, Dyer

All my personal estate and effects to my brother William Ibbetson and my friend Richard Lofthouse Upon Trust to sell my household furniture (except my best bed, quilt, and piece of needlework by my late wife which is to go to my daughter Eliza Ibbetson, and my silver watch and the piece of needlework representing the map of England to go to my son Henry Ibbetson) to invest and apply the interest for the education and maintenance of my two children. When they both reach 21 then the capital amount is to be shared amongst them.

Should both nor reach 21 then 200 to go to my brother-in-law Richard Luck, 50 to my uncle James Ibbetson of Louth, 50 to my uncle Thomas Ibbetson of Knaresborough. The residue of the Trust estate to be shared amongst my brothers and sisters.

5 each to my Trustees.

Witnesses : George Ingle, Matthew Gill

Codicil - 9th February 1822

He removes Richard Lofthouse as Trustee and confirms William Ibbetson as sole Trustee.

Witnesses : John Firth, Matthew Gill

Died 5th May 1822. Probate 10th January 1823. Effects under 450.




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