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Mary Lamplugh - 20th March 1823 - AA126

Scriven with Tentergate, Widow

To my niece Kitty Collins my enameled watch, her father's miniature picture, her grandmother's mourning ring set with diamonds. Also the money I subscribed in her name for her in the Doncaster Tontine.

5 to each of my servants, and 5 for my neighbourhood poor.

Whereas I am empowered by marriage settlement to the late Rev Thomas Lamplugh, and confirmed by his Will, to dispose of 1,000, chargeable to his estates at Potto and Coulton. This money I give to my niece-in-law Mary Wolley. Also the residue of my personal estate. Also my half of the two closes, occupied by myself and George Pullan, in Scriven with Tentergate and Knaresborough (the closes were late the estate of my uncle Richard Collins), chargeable with 100 each to my niece and nephews Kitty Collins, Thomas Collins, and William Collins.

I appoint my niece Mary executrix.

Witnesses : Robert Morley, Thomas Johnson, J Watson

Codicil - 6th December 1822

25 to Phillis Forster, 10 to John Goodall, 10 to Hannah Spence, and 5 to Alice Burnett if they are still living with me at the time of my death.

Affidavit - 18th March 1823

John Lamplugh Raper of York, Esquire, and William Collins of Knaresborough, Esquire, make declaration the Codicil is in the handwriting of Mary Lamplugh.




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